(The California Verbal Learning Test®- Second Edition)

Ages 16.0-89.11 years

The CVLT®-II evaluates multi-trial learning and long-term recall for verbal information. The CVLT-II utilises the process approach to capture information about rate of learning, learning strategy, short- and long-term retention and retrieval, recall errors, interference effects and ability to profit from learning cues. The CVLT-II consists of five learning trials of 16 words which may be organised into four categories to facilitate learning and delayed recall. Additional trials include an interference list, short-delay free and cued recall, long-delay free, recognition, and forced-choice recall.

You can administer the Standard Form or the Alternate Form (each of which can be administered in 30 minutes, plus two delay periods totaling 30 minutes) or the Short Form (it takes 15 minutes to administer, plus two delay periods totaling 15 minutes)


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