Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals - Fifth Edition (CELF-5)

Ages 5.0-21.11 years


The CELF-5 UK is a comprehensive battery of tests that provides a streamlined, flexible approach to language assessment. The CELF-5 UK provides highly accurate diagnostic information with current normative data, reflecting the UK's diverse population.

Benefits of CELF-5 on Q-interactive:

  • Create a custom battery by combining CELF-5 subtests with other tests such as the GFTA-3 and PPVT-4.
  • Create custom batteries by choosing subtests from the WISC–VUK and other tests.
  • Improve accuracy thanks to automated scoring and automated start points and discontinue rules.
  • Engage children by displaying stimuli on the iPad.
  • Listen to your client's responses after the assessment session via our audio recording feature.
  • Automatically generate score reports that include item analyses.