How pricing works

The price of an annual licence comprises two components - access to Q-interactive and subtest usage. The more users associated with a licence, the lower the licence cost is per user.

All prices shown are subject to VAT.

Step 1: Determine type of annual licence

Q-interactive requires an annual licence, good for one year from the date of purchase, for users to gain access to the system. The annual fee is based on the number of tests you want access to and the number of users in your organisation. You will need to purchase one license for each user on the system.

Licence options

Step 2: Choose a subtest payment option

Usage can be paid for using a pay as you go method in which you are billed monthly, or a prepay model in which you estimate the total number of subtests you will give during the license year and pay up front for them. Prepay users are able to take advantage of volume discounting.

PAYG billed monthly
Pre-pay - Annual licence