What you need to use Q-interactive

For optimal administration experience, you will need:

  • A computer with access to the Internet through a standard browser​. P​lease see supported browsers below.

  • Two (2) Apple® iPad®. One iPad is for the Clinician and one for the Client.​ Please see below for supported iPad versions.

  • Two antiglare screen covers to minimise glare from interior lighting

  • Power cords to keep and recharge batteries

  • One capacitive-enabled stylus allows the Clinician to write notes and verbatim responses during administration

  • Two (2) durable cases to protect iPads

  • Q-interactive™ software installed on each iPad

  • You may purchase the hardware at a local Apple store or authorised Apple distributor.

  • To ensure top performance of the application it is recommended that no other applications are running in the background while Assess is running.  To ensure all applications are closed, examiners should perform a hard restart of the iPad.

  • For optimum experience, it is recommended that downloads and content updates be conducted via Wi-Fi connection.

  • The first time you install Q-interactive Assess, it may take up to 10 minutes to install on your iPad. Future updates will not take as long to download.

  • Q-interactive can support the iPad Pro 10.5 inch model for the Practitioner device only (it does not support the Client device).

Where to Buy

iPads can be purchased at any retail store or website that sells Apple products.

Tablet Accessories

  • One stylus for writing notes and capturing examinee responses
  • Two anti-glare screen covers to minimise glare from interior lighting
  • Two durable cases to protect iPads

Browser Requirements

See table below for a list of common browsers and their compatibility with Q-interactive Central.

Browser Requirements
Chrome IE10 IE11 Safari Firefox Edge

Tablet Requirements

Q-interactive requires the use of two Apple® iPads® that connect via Bluetooth. The table below lists which iPad models can be used for the practitioner and client devices. The iPads must be using iOS 9 or higher and have 16 GB of storage. You can connect to the internet using either Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Q-interactive Tablet Requirements