How Q-interactive frees you up to focus on the art of psychology

Q-interactive™ offers clinicians a variety of benefits, from saving them time, to freeing them up to focus on the intricacies and nuances of clients’ needs.

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With Q-interactive, all of your assessment tools are consolidated in one place; no more having to search through your test kits to administer specific batteries or subtests.

Administering an assessment test battery with Q-interactive frees you from having to juggle the various administration materials required for traditional paper-pencil tests. It allows you to more accurately observe and record notes, capture responses, and get to a scored subtest more quickly. Q-interactive allows you, as a clinician, to focus on your role and your clients instead of being encumbered and distracted by mundane tasks.

Data from a four-month customer review period carried out pre-launch revealed that clinicians using Q-interactive experienced a 30% time saving and a 35% cost saving when compared with using paper and pencil assessments.


Customise, administer and manage assessments in a way that perfectly suits your unique practice.

Q-interactive allows you to select and tailor assessment batteries to fit the specific needs of your clients. Simply tap on your digital device to choose from a list of the appropriate subtests. In the future, the Q-interactive Assessment Library will stock over 300 subtests to choose from.


With Q-interactive, your office is wherever you happen to be.

Imagine having all your assessment tools contained within two lightweight digital tablets – and the ability to adjust your assessment batteries wherever you are, without having to return to your office for more subtests. No more lugging around heavy manuals, a timer, stacks of record forms and response booklets, stimulus books, and other cumbersome assessment tools. Q-interactive makes everything you need accessible instantly, on digital devices that give you the freedom to work anywhere.


Even though Q-interactive is new, so much will be familiar to you.

Although presented in a new digital environment, the content and administration procedures of many of the assessments will be recognisable. There’s a short learning curve, but once you become familiar with the work flow, tools and information organisation associated with the digital environment, you will quickly realise its benefits.  Its ease of usability will mean you'll have more time to focus on your clients and interpreting their results.


Q-interactive lets you adjust your batteries as you see fit, as you're administering them.

Q-interactive is designed to provide the greatest flexibility in administering assessments and subtests from Pearson’s library. Clinicians can quickly modify an assessment battery as needed in real time by choosing different assessments and/or subtests than originally planned, mid-administration. As you review scores from subtests your client has taken, your hypothesis might change. Q-interactive makes it easy to then adjust and adapt your batteries accordingly, even when you are working offline and not using Wi-Fi. As a result, administration time and client frustration are greatly reduced.