Uncompromised Data Security

Safeguarding client confidentiality, securely backing up your data, and ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) are our highest priorities. Q-interactive™ upholds the highest industry best practices for data security and encryption.

  • All client information and test data are encrypted and immediately backed up as they transfer between the Internet/Pearson Cloud Server, and Q-interactive’s digital devices.

  • Pearson uses one Secure Domain Name service, owned solely by Pearson and is hosted in Toronto, Canada. When users access Q-interactive, they are logging into Pearson directly.

  • Our server is behind a firewall and Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and also encrypted. Q-interactive also encrypts all users’ Personal Identifying Information (PII).

  • No Pearson employee, besides the primary database administrator, can access user PII (such as passwords) or the records of their clients. This prevents misuse or loss of private data.


To learn more about the steps Q-interactive is taking to keep client data secure read the whitepaper, Q-interactive Data Security & Privacy


For more information about security, please see Frequently Asked Questions