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Essentials of WAIS-IV Assessment-Second Edition

The new edition explores timely topics including gender and ethnic differences, as well as the role of the Flynn Effect in capital punishment court cases. Chapter 11, The Initial Digital Adaptation of the WAIS-IV, was written by Drs. Tommie G. Cayton, Dustin Wahlstrom, Mark Daniel, provides information and advice on how to administer Q-interactive™, the new digital version of the WAIS®-IV.

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School Psychology in Illinois Newsletter

A review of Q-Interactive by Kurt Wagner, School Psychologist. Redistributed with permission of the Illinois School Psychologists Association.

The Ohio School Psychologist, Winter 2014 Cover

The Ohio School Psychologist

Chris Sweeney, School Psychologist, reviews Q-interactive. Redistributed with permission of the Ohio School Psychologists Association.

Neuropsych Now

Neuropsych Now

A review of Q-interactive written by Dr W. Howard Buddin Jr. Redistributed with the permission of Dr Buddin.

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Q-interactive Whitepapers


Q-interactive & Bluetooth Technology

See how Q-interactive uses Bluetooth technology, eliminating the need for access to Wi-Fi and offers tips to stay connected.