Q-interactive now available on the iPad® Mini and the iPad® Air


Driven by customer requests, Pearson Assessment is excited to announce that Q-interactive users can now use Q-interactive on the new Apple iPad Mini and iPad Air. This decision is based on results from compatibility testing completed by the Q-interactive Development Team.

“The advancement of technology balanced with customer needs help guide the Q-interactive Development Team in what we offer as it pertains to system features, test instruments, and hardware devices. We are constantly looking ahead and appreciate our customers who have joined us on this journey”, said Linda Gerardi, director of Q-interactive at Pearson.

While the iPad Air can be use for either the clinician’s or client’s device, to maintain equivalency between Q-interactive and the paper/pencil test experience, the iPad Mini should only be used as an examiner's device and not for the client.

Learn more about the Q-interactive hardware requirements.