Q-interactive and My Tablet Device


Alison Winter | May 2016

As Digital Sales Consultant for Pearson UK, I spend a lot of time meeting with customers right across the UK and Ireland. 

We have a diverse group of professionals using Q-interactive. from Speech and Language Therapists to Psychologists from many areas of interest.

I am frequently asked questions, by all professions, on the availability of Q-interactive on the various Tablet devices, so I thought I would take this opportunity to address these questions: 


Is Q-interactive available only on iPads or can we also use other platforms eg Android? 

Q-interactive is currently only available on iPad tablets. There are a number of reasons for this, but paramount would be our commitment to equivalency. 

iPad devices, bar a few exceptions, have a display that is typically 9.7 inches. We have tested the screen size to make sure that it is equivalent to the paper stimulus material and we have found that it is appropriate for displaying the stimulus items. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Android devices, all with different screen sizes and resolutions so, if we made Q-interactive available on Android, we could not guarantee that the stimulus device is equivalent, therefore making the test invalid. 

We may make Q-interactive available on Android one day, but it would only be on limited devices and we would be sure to inform all registered customers. 

If you are not yet registered with us please complete our online registration form


What kind of iPad do I need? 

You will need two iPads to be able to conduct assessments on Q-interactive. 

One iPad is for the Practitioner and the other is for the Client. The Client device must be the standard sized iPad (9.7 inch display) and must be an iPad 2 or newer. 

There is greater flexibility however when it comes to the practitioner’s device. The practitioner’s device can be an iPad Mini, iPad PRO and the standard 9.7 inch display. It will not work on the 1st generation iPad. If you are unsure, please see the Tablet Requirements table on our technical requirements page.


What size memory should I purchase for my iPad? 

You would be fine with 16GB, but do consider how much you think you are going to use your iPad. If you’re likely to store a lot of files on your iPad it might be in your interest to go for a larger memory. However, for Q-interactive, you do not need more than 16GB. 


What happens if I cannot get an internet connection when I am going to administer my assessment? 

Don’t worry, you do not need to use WiFi when you administer assessments using Q-interactive. The two devices connect via BlueTooth not by WiFi. You only need to connect to WiFi when you are synchronising 


About me:

I am a Digital Consultant for Pearson Assessment, and passionate about Digital Assessment and the positive impact it can have on a clinician's day-to-day life.