NEPSY-II and CMS now available on Q-interactive

We are pleased to announce that selected subtests from NEPSY-II and the Children's Memory Scale (CMS) are now available on Q-interactive.


NEPSY-II assesses neuropsychological development and provides insights regarding academic, social, and behavioural difficulties in children 3:0-16:11 years.

Subtests available on Q-interactive:

  • Attention & Executive Functioning (Animal Sorting & Inhibition)
  • Language (Word Generation)
  • Memory & Learning (Memory for Design)
  • Sensorimotor (Fingertip Tapping)
  • Visuospatial Processing (Design Copying & Picture Puzzles)

Children's Memory Scale (CMS)

The CMS measures learning in a variety of memory dimensions including attention and working memory, verbal and visual memory, short- and long-delay memory, recall and recognition, and learning characteristics in children ages 5:0-16:11 years.

Subtests available on Q-interactive:

  • Visual/Nonverbal (Dot Locations)
  • Attention/Concentration (Picture Locations)


Date posted: August 30, 2013