Digital Technology in Psychology Conference 2015

Q-interactive on iPad

Thanks to all who attended this conference - details of the 2016 conference will appear here in due course. 

In the meantime, you can watch videos of the presentations from the 2015 conference.


Pearson Assessment are delighted to be hosting a new conference at York University on 21st October 2015 looking at the uses and applications of digital technology in psychology.

This conference will explore the ways in which technology is helping to shape the future of psychology and health care, with a particular focus on how digital technology can help create the psychologist of tomorrow.

Programme now available to download (110KB)

With a particular focus on:

  • What role does digital technology have in clinical practice?

  • How can digital technology support current or future research?

  • When is technology helpful to us and when does it constrain us?

  • Is there a conflict between the standard methods and emerging technologies?

  • What are the implications of the emergence of digital products on psychologists of the future?

  • To discuss current technologies that are helpful to today's psychologists.


Dr Tom Manly

Confirmed speakers (see programme for more details):

  • Dr Tom Manly (right), Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (CBU), University of Cambridge

  • Sarah Kate Smith, CATCH (Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare), ScHARR, University of Sheffield

  • Astrid Coxon, Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia

  • Sara Simblett, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London

  • David Glasgow, Child & Family Training, Carlton Glasgow Partnership

  • Exploiting Digital for Depression & Dementia, HEAD