Flexible pricing based on your needs

One of the benefits of Q-interactive is its flexibility. Therefore, the cost of a Q-interactive licence is determined by how you are going to use it.

Standard licence

As part of the standard licence, you can select the tests you want access to. The licence price is dependent on whether you want access to 1-3 tests, 4-6 tests, 7+ tests or all of the tests. Standard licences can be purchased for single users and organisations that need multiple users in a single account. If multiple users are needed, each user requires a unique user name and password to access Q-interactive. Users can only access client data associated with their log in credentials. An administrator can be assigned to the account to monitor subtest activity

For standard licences, you have the option of being billed monthly for the subtests you have administered or pre-paying for the subtests you anticipate to administer over the 12-month licence period.