Introducing Q-interactive

As the worldwide leader in the field of assessment, Pearson has always strived towards up-to-the-minute innovation. Now we’re thrilled to introduce an exciting leap forwards in our evolution: Q-interactive, offering the world’s most advanced assessment tools with the convenience of today’s technology.

An intuitive and comprehensive digital platform, Q-interactive enables you to quickly and easily create unique, client-centric batteries at both the instrument and subtest levels.

Designed to evolve individually-administered clinical assessments, Q-interactive improves administration accuracy and speed, provides real time scoring, and allows for unheard of flexibility in just a few simple taps. This new portable solution means no more lugging of cumbersome bundles of test kits; no more need to share kits and track them down when you need them; and no more scoring, or tabulation challenges.

Our Q-interactive vision is focused on giving you a more effective way to do your assessments, serve your clients, and evolve your practice.

Start your Q-interactive journey today by requesting a free, 30-day trial.

New dates: 30 minute introductory webinars

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